We offer a bulk cooking oil solution for those who use large amounts of oil. With our new & used oil mobile transporters you can rest assured you are getting the freshest oil available while reducing your carbon footprint.

We can provide any type of cooking oil to accommodate your needs. We offer packaged oil or bulk oil delivery. Our oil is NOT “Hydrogenated” oil. The FDA has a ban on hydrogenated oils. All of our oils are responsibly sourced and carefully handled to insure you receive the highest quality oil possible.

Returnable Jug and Traditional packaging and bulk oil

US Oil Solutions is the Nation’s first oil management company to offer its customers a returnable jug option. It’s a money saving and environmentally friendly option for your cooking oil needs. The returnable jug is delivered to you with the same great oil you’ve come to expect from US Oil Solutions. You use the oil as needed and set the empty jug back on the shelf and on your next delivery the empty jug is replaced with a new full jug of oil. We bring back your empty jugs and wash and sanitize them in our custom built “bottle washer” where they are dried and capped waiting to be filled again. We remove millions of pounds of plastic and cardboard from the landfill each year with our returnable jug program.

Traditional packaging or “JIBS” and Totes

US Oil Solutions can still pack the same great oil in traditional packaging in “JIBS” or Totes. It’s the same packing your accustomed to packed with the finest oils from our Farm to Your Fryer. Contact us now to experience and taste the difference.

Mobile Transporters

US Oil Solutions has a bulk option that requires no drilling, permits, big bulky tanks taking up valuable space and that can’t be moved. Our transporters hold 500 pounds of fresh oil on one side and 500 pounds of used oil on the other .We fill and remove waste oil based on your restaurant’s needs . Our transporters are safe and easy to move and require no huge contract breakage fees or disruption of your kitchen. Let US Oil Solutions show you how easy it is to save money by switching to bulk oil.