Our Oils are Better

Our Oils are Better

US Oil Solutions work directly with independent farms and mills since 2013 to bring the best product to our clients. We know how to reduce your cost and carbon footprint while saving you thousands of dollars each year and providing a safer way to handle and dispose of your cooking oils.

One of the biggest concerns when using deep fryers in your restaurant or commercial kitchen is the quality of the cooking oil. If you want your fried foods to taste fresh and appetizing, you need to make sure that your oil is always as clean and as close to new as possible.

StableMAX was created to be the best oil you can buy. Its unique blend of Cotton, HI-O Soy and canola oils make it the longest lasting cooking oil on the market today while providing great taste and flavor profiles. Because of the fat compounds found in HI-O Soy, the oil remarkably resembles the same fat compounds found in Extra Virgin Olive Oil although not as expensive as EVOO. StableMAX is proven to last 50% or longer than conventional oils.

SoyMAX is a blend of Soybean oil and Cottonseed oils that are responsibly sourced and meet our high standards for purity and flavor profiles. SoyMAX gives you High Quality you can taste at a price you can afford.

CanolaMAX has a higher burn rate than our SoyMAX with added benefits. Canola oil has ZERO cholesterol and is packed with Omega 3 & 6 Fatty Acids and Vitamin E and is considered Heart Healthy by the FDA. When blended with our Cottonseed oil it provides a great heart-healthy oil and a long-lasting tasty oil that is sure to keep your customers coming back for more.

Other products

U.S. Oil Solutions offers complete peace of mind knowing that your Used Cooking Oil is being handled in an environmentally responsible manner. We offer service that goes above and beyond just trash recycling and our goal is to help you pinpoint the right combination of recycling products and services that will meet your specific needs and maximize your return on investment. Whether it is a simple as setting up the best recycling collection services or a complex recycling program, let U.S. Oil Solutions be your solution provider.

FryerMAX is at the forefront in the cost-saving measures you can take in oil usage reduction. By placing the FryerMAX screen into your fryer and “sifting” out the contaminants as often as you can throughout the day thus extending the life of the oil by 25 to 75%. FryerMAX is made from 304 Stainless Steel and comes with a *Limited Lifetime Warranty. FryerMAx screens are fitted for an exact match to your fryer Manufacture. * Custom fitting is also available.

PuriMAX is the gold standard in oil filtration fryer powder. It is all natural and approved by the FDA and NSF for treating fryer oils. PuriMAX will not only save you money it will keep your oil free of carbons and free fatty acids that build up in your oil every day. By adding our fry powder to your filtration process, you will see results the first time you use it. PuriMAX is also a very affordable option when compared to other products on the market costing 50% or less than other fryer powders and at the same time providing better results. Call or email for a free sample today.

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