FryerMax is a filter screen device that fits in to the fryer. Each hour or so (when needed) you will take the handle and lift it out of the fryer to remove particulates in your oil saving you money with each sift.


PuriMAX is the best frying oil powder for removal of Free Fatty Acids and Carbons. PuriMAX is proven to extend the life of your oil by 50% or more when used with your current filtration.


StableMAX is our proprietary premium frying oil. Its unique blend is designed to enhance the flavor of your fried foods and it is proven to last up to 50% longer than other conventional oils.


MAX130 is a state-of-the-art filtration system that will not only save you thousands of dollars each year it will also improve the taste of your fried food product. Its sleek design and fold down feature will allow for storage in even the smallest of kitchens.