Fryer Oil Management

Take the guess work out of your fryer oil management

oil management made easy

Fryer Oil Servicing

Let our highly trained technicians do the hard part for you. Lessen the risks associated with you and your staff that comes with handling hot oil. 

mobile bulk oil with no contract

Let U.S. Oil provide you with a mobile bulk option that has no loss that is associated with residual left in jugged oil. In addition there are no packaging costs or lifting of those 35lb boxes. Did we mention there’s no contract? Your satisfaction is our contract.

Scientifically Benchmarking

All cooking oil breaks down over time. The simple act of heating and re-heating cooking oil means a substantial increase in its oxidation rate. Unless you routinely measure the TPM% (Total Polar Material) levels in your cooking oil, you will never quite know how much it has aged.
Our innovative technology allows us to test and monitor each fryer’s oil, determining when it has reached its life cycle. We scientifically benchmark your oil, taking the guesswork out of your fryer oil’s life cycle. Maximized flavor and yield and perfect plate presentation every time!

Training and Support

Here at U.S. Oil Solutions we see every client as a partner, which is why we provide ongoing training and support. Your success is our success! Our techs and staff are here for you 24/7, 365, to handle your needs. If you’re open, we’re open!

Did we mention there's no contract? Your satisfaction is our contract.

Hey, just wanted to remind you that we don't do contracts! We believe in earning your satisfaction through great service.
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